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Changing the world through research, innovation

and smart investments.

Santatera Capital is an early-stage fund that invests globally in startups that are leading change in the Food & Beverage industry, with particular focus on the US market. The key verticals that we invest in are Food & Beverage products (CPGs) and FoodTech with a special focus in Nex-Gen Food & Drinks and technologies focused on Food Processing, Food Safety and traceability and Surplus & waste management. Our Team & Advisors have strong experience managing Venture Capital vehicles, Structuring M&A deals, and operating companies across the whole Food & Beverage value chain.

What do we INVEST in?

We are a strategic partner

We provide strategic value through the experience and network of our industry-leading investors, in terms of supply, production, distribution and more. We also work alongside the companies in areas such as corporate governance, strategic planning, corporate finance and investment banking.

Only for the best

We are searching the world for hungry entrepreneurs and innovators ready to grow. If your company is focused on researching new food or consumer trends, innovative ingredients or technology and looking to commercialize in the US, get in touch with us.

Are you ready to

start growing?

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