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Alejandra Ríos

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Board Advisor

Alejandra Ríos is an accomplished business leader and investor with over 10 years of experience in finance, management, strategy, entrepreneurship, and innovation. As the CEO of Ambrosía, she has led one of the largest food and events companies in Mexico to new heights of success, overseeing its operations, finances, and growth strategies.

Besides her role at Ambrosía, Alejandra is known for her influence in the startup world as one of the sharks in Shark Tank México, where she has shown her ability to discover and support new entrepreneurial talents. She is also a frequent speaker and advocate for topics such as diversity, inclusion, women in business, and leadership. Passionate about gastronomy and travel, she is committed to making a positive impact on society and the environment through her business and personal endeavors.

Alejandra holds a B.A. in Financial Management from the Instituto Tecnológico y de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey and an MBA from Harvard Business School. She is always eager to learn and improve herself, and strives to make a difference in her field and in the world at large with every new project and challenge.

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