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  • Why do we think the Food & Beverage industry is worth investing in?
    For decades, the levels of hunger in the world had been declining, but that is not true anymore. The number of undernourished people has been on the rise since 2015. We are facing an unprecedented situation that requires innovation throughout the food supply chain and higher food quality to ensure that the assumption that "everyone should eat" is fulfilled and remains. Even when food and agriculture is a 5 trillion industry, accounts for 10% of consumer spend and represents almost 40% of employment; it is outdated and is still one of the least innovated and digitalized sectors of the economy. We believe that its characteristics of constant growth and resiliency, combined with innovative products, solutions, and technologies, can revolutionize some categories that will experience exponential growth in the coming years.
  • What are our investment criteria?
    We look for innovations throughout the entire food & beverage supply chain, from the field to the consumer: Consumer packaged goods, new ingredients and flavors, alternative proteins, production technology, tech for health and value chain optimization. We look for highly capable founders and experienced teams in developing innovation, building brands, growing food companies; and with whom we share the same values and vision. We prefer companies with a commercial focus in the USA and able to create supply efficiencies with our relationships in Mexico.
  • What does our investment process consist of?
    We receive Dealflow from focused partnerships, sector funds, events, specialized accelerators, founders, demos, etc. You can also contact us directly using this link. If the opportunity seems a good fit for our fund, we will ask you for a meeting with our team, if not, we will provide feedback. After the meeting we will ask for more information to begin our analysis. We will provide a first answer in less than 10 days. Together we prepare an investment memorandum for our Advisory Board, to which we invite you to present your company. If the board approves, we will finish our legal, technical, and financial due diligence in 2-4 weeks.
  • In addition to the investment, what else do we contribute as a fund?
    Our investors own and operate leading companies of the food sector and have the right know-how and know-who all across the food and beverage value chain. We encourage the creation of synergies between the companies of our investors and our portfolio, to maximize their growth and profitability. We have built close relationships with different angel investor networks, family offices, investment funds, universities, accelerators, incubators, venture builders, technology transfer offices and associations; all those to provide the right connections to our partners. We work together with our portfolio companies in areas such as corporate governance, strategic planning, corporate finance, investment banking, supply chain and commercial development.


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